Meet the Artist


Drawn am I
To Mother Earth
Play do I
In Her bountiful girth.

Potter am I
In Her Creative wheel
Craft do I
Objects in fiery appeal.

Moulded in clay of life
Fired in kiln of strife,
In beauty do they shine,
Functional in meaning find.

Handcrafted with passionate sweat
Minute detail ever in quest,
Blend do I traditional designs
Modern vocabulary not far behind.

Studio Pottery my forte
Ceramic media all my play
Foraying now to Mural designs
In every space – Home, Office, Hotel kind.

In gratitude of every support
Family, friends and patrons court
Executing with patient zest
I give unto you my inner best.

Earthen Bliss

By Tejasvi Chaphekar

Working with clay is a magical way to explore yourself. Unearth these possibilities at Earthen Bliss, the home of Studio Pottery.

Earthen Bliss is an artists’ exploration of exclusively designed products. They include Murals, Wall Art, Tableware, Vases and Name Plates for home and office decor. 

Earthen Bliss designs are a perfect blend of the traditional and the contemporary. Our products are custom designed using different Ceramic media like Terracotta, Stoneware and Earthenware, moulded with rich and exclusive glazes.  We draw our inspiration from Mother Earth and the products are functional even as one enjoys their beauty and aesthetic appeal.

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